Wesgroup’s continued growth now calls for the creation of a District Energy Systems Supervisor role. This is an exciting and unique opportunity as River District Energy (RDE) is a publicly-regulated district energy utility (DEU) with plans to connect approximately 7 million square feet of customer building floor area and to serve over 12,000 residents in Vancouver’s River District neighbourhood. The District Energy (DE) Systems Supervisor is responsible for overseeing operations, maintenance and instilling proactive asset management practices. This role reports to the DE Utility Manager.

Currently, RDE supplies thermal energy (space heat and domestic hot water) to 8 buildings, totaling 1.25 million square feet of connected density. Each building has an Energy Transfer Station (ETS) with separate heat exchangers for space heating and domestic hot water, connected to two gas-fired temporary plants through approximately 2 km of distribution piping. The energy plants have 12.5 MW (43,000 MBH) combined capacity.


Job Summary

This is a versatile position that will responsible for running and maintaining the River District Energy (RDE) system, including all aspects of operations and asset management.

The District Energy Systems Supervisor will be required to demonstrate ownership in system operations and proactively manage all aspects of the system (facility maintenance, regulatory compliance, third-party contracts, daily operations, etc.) to ensure RDE provides reliable service.


Job Duties and Responsibilities


  • Understand and maintain safety operating requirements and regulations
  • Oversee central heating plant(s) boilers and ETS operations
  • Monitor gauges, plant operational data on the central control system HMI, level indicators, and alarm systems.
  • Control, monitor and manage maintenance of RDE’s automated and manual control systems.
  • Optimize economic and environmental performance by making operational adjustments as required.
  • Take corrective action as needed to ensure safe and efficient operations.
  • Oversee standard plant and building maintenance including equipment repairs and replacing components. Test and calibrate instruments to ensure proper functionality.
  • Liaise with client representatives to ensure efficient building / RDE integration
  • Coordinate and supervise contractors on site.
  • Perform 24-hour emergency standby duties as required.
  • Respond to system alarms, investigate issues, troubleshoot, and liaise with system suppliers to ensure issues are properly resolved; assess warranty related issues, etc.


Asset Management & Maintenance Responsibilities

  • Plan, implement and/or supervise periodic (weekly, monthly, semi-annually, annually) system preventive maintenance and monitoring procedures
  • Update and maintain Asset Management documentation
  • Develop and maintain spare parts inventory
  • Raise asset management issues in a proactive manner
  • Develop and implement Preventive Maintenance (PM) plans
  • Ensure PM plan is being followed and delivered properly by contractors.
  • Develop, review and update standard operating documents


Other Duties

  • Provide Operations and Asset Management input in RDE’s permanent plant design process
  • Liaise with capital construction team to identify and resolve new asset deficiencies
  • Assist in the implementation of a leak detection system
  • Negotiate with suppliers for PM and other contracts
  • Prepare and maintain operating budgets
  • Perform other duties as required


Qualifications and Knowledge

  • Power Engineering Certificate Level 4 required
  • 5 or more years of education and/or experience related to thermal energy systems and utility operations preferred
  • 5 or more years of experience with mechanical and electrical systems, instrumentation automation, and communications systems
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Technical Diploma related to facilities or mechanical operations/ management
  • Customer service focused
  • Desire to meet and exceed safety and regulatory standards
  • Ability to assess and analyze a variety of technical information, problems, and client needs, and take appropriate action in a timely manner to ensure a safe and comfortable environment
  • Ability to interpret, clarify, and convey information in graphic, written, and spoken formats to technical and non-technical individuals or groups
  • Thrive in a dynamic work environment, where knowledge sharing, and prioritization of tasks is required
  • Independent judgement and critical thinking when making decisions and performing duties.
  • Valid Driver’s license required
  • Access to own vehicle


We will provide a competitive salary and benefits package for the right candidate as well as a professional and rewarding working environment.