We’ve been noticing some interesting trends when it comes to building amenity offerings, including a few shifts to meet the changing needs of today’s renters and home shoppers. Here are 6 amenity trends on the rise:


Our Furry Friends

The need for pet-friendly amenities is arising from an increase in people owning pets. Pets are a part of our families but have specific needs, like easy accessibility to places for bathroom breaks and exercise, so we’re seeing more buildings that have built this into the design.

A pet-based amenity that has become more common is dog washing stations. If you’re living in an apartment building, then washing your dog in your bathroom can be an ordeal. There are only so many times you want to watch your dog shake off their water all over the bathroom or your house. Instead, dedicated dog washing amenities offer an enclosed space to clean your pup with warm water, leash hookups, and sometimes even fur dryers, so you never have to worry about muddy paws in your home again.

Furry friends usually have energy to spare, which is why some developers are including dog runs in their design of new buildings. These spaces allow dogs to burn some energy, whether it’s on or off-leash, that is close to your home. Thoughtful details like daily sprinklers in the dog run help with the potential issue of smell. Specialized bins and pet waste disposal by companies like Pookt address the very real issue of where to put dog waste. Creating places especially for pets is an important amenity consideration.

Transportation is Key

For many years, we have seen a steady increase in demand for homes on convenient transit routes like SkyTrain and Canada Line. However, the way we travel is evolving and buildings are adapting. Car-share companies have become popular as an alternative to owning a car; and for owners, many are considering electric vehicles. Some developments are therefore being designed to include car-share parking spots and electric vehicle charging stations. Having these spaces close to homes is valuable so the users have easy access to them. Buyers and renters are looking for easy, yet affordable and environmentally friendly transportation around their local communities. On the other end of the spectrum, some luxury apartments are offering their own version of ride-share styled cars with higher-end vehicles such as BMW’s being provided for use by residents. Whether you’re into Uber, EVO or E/Vs, travel needs of residents is an ongoing focus.

Package Delivery

Online shopping is on the rise and so is the need for parcel delivery and cold storage for all those online shopping purchases. One of the most popular companies to order online from is Amazon. The reason this is important is that they do not operate physical drop locations the way a company such as UPS does. So, if you’re not home to pick up a large order, they will have to try to drop it off the next day. Having a parcel storage solution to accommodate deliveries that don’t fit in your mailbox is a growing trend. Increasingly, buildings are incorporating package delivery services like Parcel Pending, which provides smart, electronic lockers to manage deliveries. Parcel delivery lockers inside of buildings is still a new amenity, but we believe the need isn’t going anywhere.

Other types of packages that are being delivered more often now are online groceries and meal delivery services. These may require cold storage solutions so that the food inside remains in a proper state. Meal delivery services have become more popular because they fit well within people’s busy schedules while allowing them to continue eating healthy.


Working Out of Office

We have seen more individuals working from home or online in one capacity or another. Working away from an office has created a need for workspaces, such as communal work areas when, in addition to in-home offices. Shared workspace amenities are one of the most popular solutions to this change in lifestyle. Space must have appropriate Wi-Fi, and the tablespace to accommodate both private work and meetings.

Some developers are also designing living spaces that are known as live-work. The apartments are split comfortably into a working half and a living half, so the residents can transition between focused work and feeling relaxed and at home at their leisure.



More Families in Multi-Family Housing

As more families live and grow in multi-family housing, including condos and townhomes, it becomes increasingly more important to offer a variety of family-friendly amenities. Some great examples of these that we see are home theatres, games rooms and living spaces that are designed for entertaining family and friends and hosting birthday parties.

Full apartment gym

Muscular Gym Services

Having a gym has been a popular amenity in Vancouver for years since it is a health-conscious city. Increasingly, developers are getting creative with their fitness offerings. Today’s buyers and renters are hoping to have access to a gym that has more than just a treadmill and stationary bike, but also a professionally managed space with access to classes and training with fitness experts. For example, Level 10 Fitness operates amenity gyms at our River District and Brewery District communities, offering exclusive fitness programs and classes for residents only, as well as access to professional-level trainers.