A major change is in the works. With a decline in the industrial use of the Fraser River due to increased urbanization, this has left much of the riverfront abandoned and dilapidated. Wesgroup has undertaken a monumental riverside development, on the Vancouver side of the Fraser as it meets the sea. Beau Jarvis, Senior VP of Development at Wesgroup, describes this ambitious plan: “With River District, we are only in the beginning stages of what will soon become a small town, with 15,000 people living here. The value is this is just the start of the city’s largest and last waterfront community. It’s also in the proximity to 25 acres of parkland, riverfront pathways, sports fields, shops and services, community centre, daycares and schools. It’s the unique experience of living on an active waterfront within walking distance of great shops, cafes and services. We have worked hard to ensure this will be a strong community with walkability, great amenities and access to nature.”

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