VIA NEW WESTMINSTER RECORD:  Safety is top of mind when it comes to buying into a new development – that’s according to Wesgroup, the folks behind Brewery District.

For years, developers thought amenities like gyms, fitness areas and squash courts were the main draw for prospective buyers of pre-sale properties, but recently, it seems safety features have become the priority for future homeowners, according to Beau Jarvis, senior vice-president of development for Wesgroup Properties.

“I actually sometimes am surprised by that myself, but it is a fact,” he told the Record.

Jarvis has seen more and more young people choosing to raise families in urban settings instead of the suburbs. These families, however, still want the sense of safety that’s often associated with suburban living, so developers are adding features to designs early on, he said.

“Is there a clear path? Is it safe? Is it well lit? Is there body heat? Are there other people around?” Jarvis said of some of the questions his company asks when planning new developments.

But for buyers it goes beyond superficial trimmings. It’s about the community as a whole and how it makes homeowners feel.

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Cayley Dobie, New West Record