Wesgroup PropertiesPacificLink Industrial Park has landed its largest tenant, as Texcan has moved its main distribution centre and consolidated the administrative functions of other sister companies into the Surrey, B.C. space.
“We’re so land-constrained here, particularly for industrial land, so a lot of industrial areas exist not necessarily because they’re the best locations for industrial, but just because there’s available land there,” said David Wesik, Wesgroup’s vice-president of corporate development. “The difference with us is not only do we have the land, but it’s a central location with great access to highways and infrastructure.”

The master-planned development on the south shore of the Fraser River offers access to Metro Vancouver’s major highway systems, rail networks and the Fraser Surrey Docks.

The first building at the 84-acre industrial park was completed by Wesgroup and occupied in 2007.


Texcan has taken over 75,000 square feet of new build-to-suit warehousing and 30,000 square feet of new office space. It took almost two years from the time discussions between Texcan and the real estate development company began and construction was completed.

“Build-to-suits always take a little bit longer because you’re not just negotiating a lease, you’re designing a building at the same time,” said Wesik. “And you don’t go firm on the lease until you’ve agreed on all components of the design, layout and square footage of the building.”

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