Wesgroup Properties is a real estate company, but their strategy lies beyond development projects. The core of their business model is entrepreneurial: they operate from a dynamic model that favours flexibility, opportunism and diversity.

“Our approach is to think strategically, to look at long term real estate trends in the Lower Mainland, think of the big picture, and to act accordingly,” says David Wesik, Vice President of Operations and Corporate Development at Wesgroup. “We don’t get stuck trying to do business in real estate in conventional ways. We’re quite the opposite. That’s who we are and that’s how we differentiate. That’s a big reason for the success we’ve had.”

This foundation of long term thinking and entrepreneurialism has been the guiding force since the company’s inception. Wesik has learned from his father and grandfather, who began talking about the business at the kitchen table over 50 years ago. Since then, Wesgroup has not been afraid of trying new things: they take on project types with different asset classes and markets, adding a mixture of industrial warehouses, office buildings and residential complexes throughout Metro Vancouver.

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