Working from home is the new normal for a lot of us during this pandemic – here are some tips on creating a productive and inspirational home office.


Blurred Lines

It’s important to keep your work and home lives separate.  Whether you’ve got an entire room or just a tiny corner, try and carve out a designated work space.

All you really need is a simple flat surface. Depending on the size of your home, select a space that is away from high traffic areas and ideally with a door to minimize noise and distractions. If possible, find a spot near a window. Access to natural light and views of the exterior have been shown to recharge your creative side and benefit you overall productivity.

When choosing your space, also consider your work requirements. Does your cell phone and wifi signal work clearly from that location? Do you have suitable storage space and everything you need within reach?

Photo by House & Home (August 2019)


Ergonomic Advice

Not everyone’s home has the space to be or is equipped with ergonomic equipment but there are some things you can do to keep your posture in check.

  • View your screen with a straight neck. If you are working on your laptop, prop it up with books or boxes to get it to an ideal height.
  • Prevent eyestrain by reducing screen glare. You can do this by positioning your screen perpendicular to a window.
  • Keep your keyboard and mouse at a comfortable height. If you are working from a laptop and have it propped up to eye level, consider getting a separate keyboard and mouse. Your hand and forearms should be horizontal.
  • When seated, sit back in your chair for lumbar support. If you don’t have an ergonomic chair, use a cushion at your lower back for support instead.
  • The ideal position to promote blood flow in your legs is to rest your feet flat on the floor when seated.
  • Contrary to the popularity of the standing desk, some research suggests that prolonged standing requires more energy and creates strain on blood circulation to your legs and feet.  If you prefer a standing desk, avoid long periods of standing while on the computer.
  • Break up your seated time as well.  Try and get up and move around for a few minutes every 20-30 minutes to relax your muscles and promote circulation.

Graphic by Ameriwood Home (2020).


Space Savers

The Asterix ladder desk with 2 shelves and a desk surface from EQ3 is a modern small-space solution.

Bust a move with the Go-Cart rolling desk from CB2.  It allows for an easy change of scenery and there’s a standing version as well!


Activate your core as you work. This half-ball from Gaiam offers all the health benefits of sitting on a ball chair without the risk of falling. You can place it on any chair you already have at home.


Essential Accessories

Trays to the rescue!  Corral all your office essentials on a tray and when you are finished you can stash it out of the way.

This Toto storage caddy from Designhouse helps keep all of your bits nice and organized and can easily be stowed away.


Happy isolating!

Senior Interior Designer Sarita Sidhu is part of Wesgroup’s in-house design team. With over 15 years of design experience in both Canada and the United States, Sarita brings a sophisticated design understanding.