Transit Plaza



Transit Plaza

The Transit Plaza establishes a place of arrival at the North East entry to the Brewery District along Keary street. It will be the primary point of arrival for residents and visitors arriving via the Skytrain through Sapperton Station and an important connection between the Royal Columbian Hospital to the North.

The plaza is designed as a flexible space with clear routes of circulation to destinations throughout the Brewery District while also serving as a destination hub providing opportunities for gathering, people watching and respite.


Initial Master Plan Vision


Project Timeline

Brewery Closes
Brewery District Rezoning – Original Transit Plaza Concept identified, but undefined
Building at Brewery District commences
Planning and applications for the final phases of Brewery District, including the Transit Plaza
March – December 2021
Iterative concept between TransLink, CNW & Wesgroup leading to Development Application
February 2022
Transit Plaza Development Permit Application Submitted

Design Principles/Goals

Design Principles

City Objectives


  • Accessibility
  • Pedestrian connections to Royal Columbia Hospital, Sapperton Station, and Brewery District
  • Improving the clarity of circulation


  • A unique sense of place, with strong historical references
  • High-quality robust urban design to act as a central node

Technical Requirements:

  • Wayfinding, TransLink signage, screens, and maps
  • Air vent location, CPTED, fire response, and security
  • Cycling facilities
  • Grading to integrate with surrounding uses

TransLink Objectives

  • Accessibility
  • Customer Experience/ Wayfinding
  • Safety
  • Multi-modal integration
  • Technical Requirements

Interim Pedestrian Routing

Wesgroup has worked closely with TransLink, the City of New Westminster, and Royal Columbian Hospital to ensure that a safe and accessible route is maintained to and from the Sapperton Skytrain Station, during the construction of the new plaza and station entry. This strategy will continue to be resolved throughout construction in the area, and additional wayfinding signage will be installed.

comments & feedback

Provide your comments and feedback about the plaza connection and its walkable and convenient design by sending an email

Frequently Asked Questions

What public consultation work has been done?

There has been extensive consultation undertaken by Wesgroup to implement the vision of the Brewery District Master Plan since the initial rezoning in 2007.  Most recently, Wesgroup consulted the Sapperton Residents Association on June 6, 2019 and facilitated a public open house on June 19, 2019 for the rezoning text amendment for 230 Keary Street, 268 Nelson’s Court and 228 Nelson’s Court. The November 25, 2019 First and Second Reading report which summarizes the consultation events can be found here. A Public Hearing was conducted on January 27, 2020; meeting minutes can be found here.  While there is no formal open house for this Development Permit Application, the applicant would appreciate any comments or feedback on the proposed design

If approved, which City department will issue the Development Permit?

The Transit Plaza is a Development Permit Application which if it is approved, it will be issued by the Director of Climate Action, Planning and Development. For questions related to the City process or if you wish to connect with the City directly, please reach out to: [email protected] and phone – 604-527-4532

Disclaimer: Sample illustrations and renderings are included for discussion purposes only and remain subject to review and approval by the City of New Westminster and TransLink. Final plans may vary from what is shown.