At W16, a team of creative visionaries hailing from various disciplines came together to envision the exceptional. Each collaborative partner is recognized as an expert and an innovator in their field. Together, they aim to enrich the lives of those who live here by creating art within this distinct architectural form.

Whistler House

Olson Kundig

Globally recognized architecture firm Olson Kundig has built a stellar reputation for creating one-of-a-kind, world-class structures. Blurring the lines between art and architecture, they offer an experience where building performance and inspiring design are intrinsically connected.

Led by visionary founder Tom Kundig, they are recipients of the world’s highest design honors for ideas that have influenced the way we live, work, and travel.


Informprojects is Canada’s leader in bringing high-end European cabinetry to the most luxurious multi-residential projects in Vancouver.

Their thoughtful involvement in every stage of the process connects their team and clients in a way that nurtures trust and stirs design innovation. Creativity inspires precision, precision brings quality, and quality leads to trust. Trust, not simply in the end result, but in the process. Informprojects expertly curated rich Stosa cabinetry for homes at W16.

Stosa Cucine

Stosa Cucine is the beautiful story of one man and his family, and how a dream became reality, guided by passion and skill passed down from one generation to the next. It is also the story of a great company that has been producing quality Italian kitchens for over 55 years and is internationally recognized and appreciated for its innovation and style.

Wesgroup is proud to collaborate with Stosa Cucine for the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry in every home at W16.

Matthew McCormick Studio

Founded in 2013, Matthew McCormick Studio believes in catching the world by surprise through everything they create, known for their experimental design ethos and the artistry that drives their bespoke work.

Matthew’s product line is designed in Vancouver and created by a talented network of manufacturing partners, both locally and across the globe; together committed to bringing the best in craftsmanship to every hand touched piece.

At W16, Matthew McCormick’s Line Light will be installed above the kitchen island in every home as well as a selection of common areas.