Classic West Side.
Downtown connected.

Get back to nature whenever the mood strikes in the many local parks and green spaces. Explore the world-famous VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Queen Elizabeth Park, Douglas Park, and Mount Pleasant Park to name just a few.

A Cambie

Gabriel Cabrera is a Mexican born Canadian photographer. His photography focuses on capturing the feel and essence of different spaces, people, and objects. Here, we asked Gabriel to capture Cambie Village in a design oriented, authentic way.

Gabriel Cabrera

Pond lilies

Pedestrian-only public areas are some of the most beloved spots in our city. They allow everyone in the neighbourhood to come together to work, play, and rest. These places can even provide fleeting moments of inspiration like the one I captured.


I am always drawn to silent spaces, areas close to nature where you can reset and reconnect. Spaces like this help shape a symbiotic relationship with the neighborhood, a relationship that oscillates between daily chaos and quiet gratitude.

Street views

A thriving neighbourhood is made of many layers. My favourite kind of layers are those that take time to find. These are the small diverse businesses that prepare our lunch, the niche stores that cater to a creative audience of all ages, and the hidden gems. They are the heart and personality of the neighbourhood.